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I decided to make one of these personal journals again because thoughts like these have been passing my mind and I'm struggling with them.
And I know that people struggle with this question eeevery day...
You know, what is beautiful?
Am I beautiful?
Do I need to be beautiful?

During the beginning of this university year, and it's still going on, I've managed to grow slightly tougher and more judgemental towards the personality and thinking of others.
Because many people out there are mean and will want to take advantage of you.
I really don't know the age range of the people who are reading this and the people who are watching me in general xD I am 19 years old (I feel so old, waaah, I was 13-14 when I joined this place xD) and leaving by yourself abroad can toughen you up SO much. I've changed a lot in the UK, and to be honest I'm quite proud of it.
This has made me to also pick the people I want to open my heart to, to show love, respect and caring.
Because, believe me when I say this, not everybody deserves that from you.
If you are a good person by heart, there is only as much as you can offer.
Keep it for the beautiful people.
What is beauty anyway?

Beauty is in the inside.
Being physically attractive is something different.
Someone can be physically attractive, and in the beginning you almost feel instantly in love with them. Whether that's a girl or a boy.
Being attracted to someone from the physical appearance only is lust. The wish to feel them. Just that.
But the true beauty, you find out in the end, comes from the inside.
Looks can help, of course. And I do believe that to really love someone there needs to be a balance between the outside and the inside.
I'm sorry, but I really hate the phrase "Only the inside counts to me". Whoever really believes that, that's limited edition to non-existant, especially nowadays.
For the mind to change into something more than just interest in personality, it needs to have a reaction such as "I really love looking into those eyes/ lips/ arms/ I don't know what your fetish is :heart: / etc.
And no, it's not bad to like someone's physical appearance, why should it be?
But if you judge someone from the outside ONLY, oh that is so wrong.
I really believe that's wrong and that many end up in misery because of this.
The combination of physical attractiveness, which varies amongst people (some people like blond hair on their betterhalf, others like black etc), and the personality you adore is what leads to the actual beauty.
There are people I've met that I have considered beautiful initially and now I find out that they are so ugly.
Oh, SO ugly.
The inside can affect the outside so much. It's like the virus of being mean and evil is spreading on the outside and is creating a mask of ugliness and pure unattractiveness.

Beauty varies, beauty is something more internal. The outside is just... pretty. It's attractive. It takes out the animal instict in you, there I said it.
But beauty is something else.

Many people out there are not physically attractive but they are just so beautiful that the things you might not appreciate on the outside are just getting covered up.
I know so many people that I love dearly, some that I have considered to view even romantically, only because they are just so... beautiful.
So beautiful that it makes my day, makes me think that the world might have something better out there.

I don't know how much sense this journal makes.
I hope some will appreciate it because it really comes from my heart to anybody out there who feels insecure, just like I do. And just like everybody else does sometimes.
We are all insecure on some level, it's ok.

You are beautiful on your own way...
Thanks for reading.
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DragonRose08 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Inner beauty rocks!
HidanGod Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Honey, you've got it. ;) Everything right here. Whenever you start to doubt yourself or feel yourself slipping, come back and hear your own words coming at you with warmth and feeling. It's great to be able to rely on yourself, isn't it?
DBZgirl21 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
I agree with you 100%. Beauty is so much more than outward physical appearance. I've been around people who are very physically attractive initially, but have an ugly personality. When I see how they act, what they say, how awful they can be, no amount of outer beauty can make up for the ugliness within. They will always be ugly to me, no matter what they look like. Same with a good person. If they are beautiful on the inside, everything about them becomes beautiful to me.
amena12345 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't get it
MaddyBunny Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
You're absolutely right :nod: I have met many people who appear attractive on the outside but are so ugly on the inside. A lot of people don't care to take the time to get to know someone regardless of the fact if they are physically attractive or not, and jump to the people that only care about their looks. I care about my looks very much too, but I don't let something so shallow and superficial get in the way of my morality and such~ and I certainly don't judge people purely based on physical appearance! I've met some incredible people that may not be considered physically attractive by some of society, but I find them to be so because I got to know them. :)
naysu Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Professional Filmographer
I like how you put this, quite often, those that call themselves more beautiful than others, often end up very shallow people because of the way they have lived their lives (always being the popular girl in school etc.) so they end up wanting more, and often turn to plastic surgery.

nobody is perfect on the inside and the outside, but the inside needs time to be appreciated, the outside needs seconds.
Vamps17 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
One of the things I find most attractive in anyone is confidence. If you can walk around and be comfortable in yourself, that is sexy. I think thats why I like guys who wear make-up, it takes a man comfortable enough in their own skin to walk around in thick eyeliner and that is sexy. Thats how I got the young boys to put on the stage make-up in the play I was assistant director in - told them if they wear it, it takes confidence and comfortability, and women like that.

Also. Good personalities. If you can make me laugh for ages, you've got me.

Superficial beauty fades and you get used to looking at a pretty thing for too long. If youre not beautiful on the inside too, then you'll be easy to disguard.
DragonFairy88 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well said! :clap:
Nowadays, there's a too much widespread tendency to overlook what's really important, for what's mostly appearance! That's sad, really...
Dogwhitesector Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Beauty is a hard topic to say. A lot of men are seduced by the beauty of women, as in beauty of appearance. They usually choose the one that is the most beautiful one than the one that is not, sort of like choosing a princess in a Disney or anime show.

The thing about some female is that they think that they're not beautiful enough to appeal to men, so they put on make ups and all other things to make them look pretty. (They should only in formal parties or weddings but its just a waste of money unless they have skin disease that Michael Jackson had)

In truth its a jack pot if a male gets a female that is both beautiful and caring at the same time. But its all about looking at the person behind the appearance as they may help you and cared for you, than the ones that are better on the outside and dumb on the inside. Either way its worth a try to see what the men in your area appeals, I'm sure that some of them would be smart enough to choose a female that its appealing on the inside.
KamiraCeeker Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree, altho in retrospect..I have never really been attracted to anyone from their looks -shrugs-
Tri-Jean Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I couldn't have said it better myself :happycry: inner beauty is very important in our lives. Personality is what keeps us closer than before, almost like we're part of the family. I've seen a lot of men and women in my time who were very beautiful from the outside, but deep down, they were one of the nastiest, most selfish people I met. It causes me to keep a distance because I just don't want to get involved. But there were some folks I met who were not as beautiful as the others, but man they were one of the nicest, honest, funniest, the best people to hang around with. It brings out the true beauty :heart: Sometimes the beauty from the inside can show right through the skin and make them appear more beautiful outside...
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